Slovak Anthropology is a professional peer-reviewed journal published by the Slovak Anthropological Society (SAnS) at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in the SPEKTRUM STU Publishing House. The journal publishes original scientific works focused on issues in the field of clinical, developmental, historical, forensic, ergonomic and sports anthropology, as well as human genetics and molecular biology, reports from the activities of SAnS and information from events; personal data and obituaries are also published. The journal is dominated by original scientific papers, which make up more than 90% of the content of each issue.

The first issue was published in 1998 as The Bulletin of the Slovak Anthropological Society at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. It has been published twice a year since 2004 under the title Slovak Anthropology (since 2022 with the subtittle International Journal of Biological and Applied Anthropology).

The journal Slovak Anthropology is registered at the Ministry of Culture under the registration number of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic EV 32/22/EPP

ISSN 1336-5827
ISSN 2730-0552 (online)